Anesthesia Corporation Owner Pleads Guilty, Faces 6 Years

George Anderson an anesthesiologist and owner of Virginia-based, Farmville Anesthesia Associates Inc. pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of filing a false corporate and false individual income tax return, according to DoJ, and faces a maximum of six years in prison. From DoJ’s press release:

Beginning in 2001, Anderson disbursed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bogus expenses out of Farmville Anesthesia’s bank accounts to bank accounts held in the names of trusts and limited liability companies Anderson himself controlled. He then falsely deducted these payments on Farmville Anesthesia’s corporate income tax returns. Later, Anderson spent substantial funds out of the nominee bank accounts for his personal benefit, including for the construction of his personal residence and did not report this income on his personal tax returns. In his guilty plea, Anderson admitted that he filed a false 2007 corporate income tax return on behalf of Farmville Anesthesia Associates. He also admitted to filing a false 2005 personal income tax return.

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