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When Henry Frohsin, Jim Barger, and Elliott Walthall left the Alabama office of an established multi-state defense firm in 2008 to start one of the first national fraud enforcement firms, they pledged to focus on worthy cases brought by brave whistleblowers. Adhering to that pledge, the firm has flourished for nearly a decade, adding new lawyers and achieving hundred million dollar recoveries for the United States while becoming the respected nationwide firm of Frohsin Barger & Walthall. In 2014, co-founder Henry Frohsin shifted to an Of Counsel advisory position within the firm, and the team expanded into new locations in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, using secure cutting-edge technology and setting new trends in practice management. All the while, the firm’s core values remain steadfast among this extremely tight-knit group of lawyers who share a common purpose and belief that the practice of law should concern itself first and foremost with serving justice and the greater good.

Frohsin Barger & Walthall continues to focus on personalized, ardent representation of our whistleblower clients.  We understand that our cases are ultimately about people — not just money — and none more important than our clients who stand up for American taxpayers against fraud and abuse of America’s most important programs. Taking a stand against corporate greed is one of the most difficult decisions someone can make and the process of actually serving as a relator in a qui tam case, especially against a current or former employer, can be a trying experience.  With this sacrifice in mind, we understand the courage and selflessness being a whistleblower requires, and we strive to personally guide our clients through this experience while zealously prosecuting cases on behalf of the taxpayers and citizens of the United States.

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