Blackwater Whistleblowers Report Prostitution and Unjustified Shootings on Taxpayers Dime

A former marine and his wife who worked for the notorious private military company, Blackwater (renamed Xe Services LLC), have turned whistleblower and are prosecuting the company under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. The Complaint paints a deeply disturbing picture of loosely supervised mercenaries, unnecesary acts of brute violence, sexual depravity, and fraud. Among the more bizarre allegations are claims that Blackwater placed a prostitute on the payroll and then submitted and recieved reimbursement from the government for the prostiute’s services to security personnel in Iraq. One commentator has suggested Blackwater’s alleged foray into pimping is actually a “step up” for some government contractors:

“It may be sad to say but, given the history of sexual activities and some private contractors, the alleged use of a prostitute by Blackwater may actually be a step up. At least they were not trafficking in child sex slaves as some DynCorp contractors did in Bosnia back in the late 1990s.”

Whistleblowers Brad and Milan Davis also allege bold billing fraud, including allegations that Blackwater employees in Louisiana retireved receipts from gas station garbage bins left by prior customers and submited them to the government for reimbursement in connection with a contract to provide security services after Hurricane Katrina.  Perhaps the most disturbing allegation is that Blackwater employees shot and possibly killed civilians in Iraq without justification.  Read the Complaint and the Davis’ individual statements in their entirety below:
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