Bribery and Prostitution Rampant Among Private Military Contractors in Middle East, Alleges New Report

A new investigative report published this week indicates that private contractors supporting the U.S. war efforts in the the Middle East, working through large U.S. firms like KBR are “bribing both sides in the conflict — officials of the U.S.-supported Afghan government as well as leaders of the Taliban.” The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s office responded to such allegations by stating that the United States “does not have the ability to monitor Afghan security contractors or determine the nature of their affiliation or allegiance.” Whistleblower reports describe scenes of debauchery, alleging that Middle Eastern contractors “managed to routinely have prostitutes at their parties…generally dressed in what he described as ‘belly-dancer’ outfits.”

FraudBlawg has previously reported numerous stories of alleged bribery and corruption among private military contractors, here. To report defense contracting fraud, contact Frohsin & Barger.