"Do No Harm"-- Controversial Healthcare Whistleblower Documentary

Select screenings are set to begin of director/producer Rebecca Schanberg’s controversial documentary, Do No Harm, about the plight of two whistleblowers and the arrant practice of some “nonprofit” hospitals to accumulate massive offshore cash holdings while incongruously overcharging, suing, and garnishing the wages of their poorest patients.

Clip From Do No Harm

The film traces the ups and downs of one doctor and one accountant who together play David to the Golialth of a hospital serving rural west Georgia and end up spotlighting one of the most shocking secrets of the American healthcare system.

Dr. John Bognato: “It struck a nerve with me.”

Visit the film’s website to find specific screen locations and times for this film which has drawn bipartisan praise from both Republican and Democratic politicians and severe criticizism by industry insiders.