Doctor Billed $3.5M in False Claims for Fraudulent Hemorrhoidectomies, Says DoJ

Dr. Boris Sachakov faces 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine after being indicted today in the Eastern District of New York for an alleged health care fraud that cost the taxpayers $3.5 million, says DoJ.  According to the Complaint:

“[S]everal health care benefit programs began investigating Sachakov after receiving complaints from patients about claims submitted by Sachakov for services that they did not receive and/or suspicious billing patterns. The HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services initiated an investigation based on Sachakov’s pattern of billing for multiple hemorrhoidectomies (a procedure to remove hemorroids), office visits and examinations on the same day for the same patient on multiple occasions. According to court documents, Sachakov consistently submitted claims for office visits, examinations and subsequent hemorrhoidectomies as if he were treating distinct, unrelated conditions, when, in fact, he was providing follow up services related to the initial procedure  [Emphasis Added].”

Dr. Sachakov is presumed innocent and awaits trial.  To report healthcare fraud, contact Frohsin & Barger.