Jury Convicts Doctor of Billing Medicare for Unnecessary Neurological Tests in $6.7M Fraud Scheme

Over the course of a week a federal jury sitting in Detroit heard evidence against Dr. Jonathan Agbebiyi on a healthcare fraud and conspiracy case hinging on the issue of medical necessity related to diagnostic testing.  Friday afternoon, the FBI announced the jury verdict of guilty on six counts related to the medically unnecessary tests ordered by Dr. Agbebiyi:

“the tests involved sending an electrical current through the arms and legs of the patients. Clinic employees, who lacked any meaningful training, administered the diagnostic tests. The patients never received any follow up treatment by neurologists.”

Three Michigan clinics — Blessed Medical Clinic, Alpha and Omega Medical Clinic, and Manuel Medical Clinic — employed Agbebiyi during the period of the conspiracy, and nine other individuals associated with the clinics who also profited from the fraud previously were convicted.

“This doctor exposed patients to neurological testing solely to generate money for himself at the expense of the Medicare program,” said United States Attorney Barbara L. McQuade.”

Agbebiyi will be sentenced on August 13 and could serve a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each of the six counts upon which he was convicted (five separate counts of healthcare fraud and one count of conspiracy) for a maximum of 60 years — an effective life sentence for the 62-year-old doctor.

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