Doctor Gets 8 Years in Prison for Role in Medicare Fraud at Infusion Therapy Clinic

Dr. Rosa Genao will serve eight years and one month for “[writing] down fictitious symptoms in the patient charts” at Detroit infusion therapy clinic, Xpress Center Inc., “in order to justify expensive and exotic medications that the clinic billed to Medicare” to the tune of $2.3M. Genao was convicted after a six-day trial alongside her husband, Juan De Oleo, the owner of Xpress and apparent orchestrator of the scheme.  De Oleo will serve ten years.  According to DoJ:

Evidence at trial showed that XPC purchased only a small fraction of the medications that the clinic billed the Medicare program for providing. Patients were prescribed medications at the clinic based not on medical need, but rather on what medications were likely to generate the highest Medicare reimbursements.

Evidence at trial showed that Medicare beneficiaries were not referred to XPC by their primary care physicians, or for any other legitimate medical purpose, but rather were recruited to come to the clinic through the payment of cash kickbacks. In exchange for those kickbacks, the Medicare beneficiaries would visit the clinic and sign documents indicating that they had received the services billed to Medicare.

In addition to their prison terms, the couple will pay $1.7 million in restitution.  To report Medicare fraud, contact Frohsin & Barger.