DoD Officials Plead Guilty Re: Fraud in Afghan Bunker Contracts

Three military officials pleaded guilty last week on various charges related to construction of military bunkers in Afghanistan, according to the DoJ:

[Christopher P. West] admitted to accepting $90,000 cash from contractors in exchange for awarding DOD contracts at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan… [and] to accepting cash payments from contractors in exchange for defrauding DOD by certifying inflated numbers of bunkers and barriers delivered at Bagram Airfield.

[Charles Patton] admitted that he received shipments of cash from West in 2004 and 2005, while West was deployed. Patton hid the money in his home until West returned to the United States and retrieved the cash. Later, at West’s request, Patton moved the money to a safe deposit box in his own name.

[Patrick W. Boyd] pleaded guilty to… accepting $90,000 cash from contractors in exchange for the award of DOD contracts at Bagram Airfield.  Boyd also admitted to the additional offense conduct of receiving $25,000 in cash from a contractor in return for the award of a telecommunications infrastructure contract at Bagram Airfield.

The three men will pay restitution, heavy fines, and receive prison terms.  The companies  alleged to have bribed the three officials — AZ Corporation, Top’s Construction, and Naweed Bankshi Compnay —  and their individual owners are under indictment but have not pleaded guilty.

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