DOJ Intervenes in False Claims Act Case Against Kentucky Home Health Provider

The home health industry continues to face fire from all sides; legislators, regulators, law-enforcement, and private investors have all announced their suspicion of the sector’s billing practices.  Fraudblawg has reported on media exposure of the questionable conduct, as well as inquiries by the Senate Finance Committee, the SEC, and the Department of Justice. 

The trend continued this week when the DoJ filed a notice of intervention in a qui tam False Claims Act case pending in Federal court in Kentucky.  The case alleges that Nurses’ Registry and Home Health Care Corporation defrauded the Federal government by – among other schemes – fraudulently recording patient information to make patients look sicker than they really were, thus inflating home health PPS payments.  The suit also alleges that the company provided unnecessary therapy procedures and admitted patients who did not in fact qualify for the home health program and could not benefit from the care purportedly provided.  Fraudblawg and others have identified these as fraudulent tactics rampant in the home health area.

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