DoJ Pays Reparations to Settle Prosecutorial Misconduct Claims in Frohsin & Barger's Landmark Arms Export and ITAR Trial

Henry Frohsin and Jim Barger represented Iranian-American defense contractor in the highly publicized international Arms Export Control Act and ITAR trial in 2007. Mr. Latifi, and his multi-million company, Axion, were acquitted on all charges and the court later awarded Mr. Latifi his attorneys’ fees in an unprecedented ruling under the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act.  Later, through collateral civil litigation against witnesses accused of committing perjury during the trial, Frohsin & Barger uncovered exculpatory evidence that had been withheld by the prosecution team in violation of Brady v. Maryland.  Faced with pending Hyde Amendment and contempt claims for abuses under the previous administration of former U.S. Attorney Alice Martin and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, DoJ consented to settle admitting no wrongdoing but paying nearly $300,000 in reparations.  The Huntsville Times and the Birmingham News reported the story, among others. Read the firm’s press release, here.