Frohsin Barger & Walthall's National Qui Tam Practice Adds Locations in Florida, Georgia & Carolinas

Since its inception, Frohsin & Barger has represented qui tam whistleblowers across the nation in False Claims Act litigation.  Over the past seven years, the firm has represented clients from more than a dozen states and appeared in federal courts in every region of the country from its home offices in Alabama, recovering nearly $200 million for its clients and the United States taxpayers.  In an effort to continue to combat nationwide fraud, Frohsin & Barger now has strategically placed attorneys in Florida and Georgia, as well.

“We will always have a strong Alabama presence due to our close ties to the University of Alabama School of Law, my ongoing work there as an adjunct professor, and our love for the State and community.” said founding partner Jim Barger.  “But as a group of lawyers who routinely represent whistleblowers in states all over the country, working in the federal court system in multiple jurisdictions against corporations operating nationwide — we came to realize the importance of having boots on the ground in other states.

Barger stressed that the expansion will not change the tight-knit litigation team nor the identity and culture of the firm.  “Our home base will always be the Southeast, and this move into Florida and Georgia is evidence of that.  The South is part of who we are as people; our identity as lawyers and our mission as a firm is informed by the struggles of the South, particularly the civil rights movement.”  One of the firm’s original founders, Henry Frohsin, was best known for his intrepid prosecutions of the Ku Klux Klan in the test years of the Civil Rights Act before moving into private practice with Frohsin & Barger.

According to current managing partner Elliott Walthall, the firm strives to honor that part of its heritage by serving individuals who stand up to corporate fraud against the United States. Barger, who is a member of the state bars in both Alabama and Georgia, will operate from the Georgia location, while Mandee Caldwell — a new addition to the firm with extensive experience on Capital Hill in Washington — will operate from the Florida location.  All of the firm’s other attorneys will continue to operate out of Alabama.

Frohsin & Barger will expand upon its pioneering use of cloud-based technology to continue to operate as a close-working team while focusing on maintaining its reputation as a small, client-focused, client-accessible firm.  “We answer our own phones,” said Barger.  “People are always surprised by that — I suppose they expect to be routed through a series of support staff, but that’s not how we operate.” Despite the firm’s geographic expansion and growth and its high-stakes nationwide practice, that aspect of the firm will never change.  “It’s what our clients have come to expect,” said Walthall. “We wouldn’t’ know how to do it any other way.”