Georgia Doctor May Star in Sequel to Sixth Sense: "I [Bill Medicare for] Dead People"

In a scenario that is unfortunately becoming more and more common, a 72-year-old physician from Atlanta, Robert Williams, has admitted to billing Medicare for group psychological therapy to dead people.  Lest you misunderstand, Dr. Williams didn’t actually sit around in a group session with a bunch of corpses — he apparently just used the Medicare numbers of the deceased to  fraudulently bill the federal taxpayer program as one of a variety of schemes for billing for phantom therapy sessions to the tune of more than $2,000,000.  Federal healthcare programs reimbursed the good doctor for almost $1,000,000 before he was discovered.  Meanwhile, Congress proposes cutting funding for the Department of Justice’s Medicare fraud fighting efforts and Big Healthcare is begging Congress to cap rewards for healthcare whistleblowers.  If we are ever to protect our tax dollars and balance the federal budget, then fraud fighting initiatives are the one and only place where more federal resources should be allocated. Otherwise, we might as well spend all of our healthcare dollars on dead people.

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