Healthcare Fraud Indictment: Froeschners and Healthnet Regional Center of Cuba, Missouri

Several readers have commented or inquired both publicly and privately about the FraudBlawg post, “Taxpayers Falsely Billed for Non-Existent Services to Rural Patients, Says DoJ and HHS,” concerning the indictment of James and Dennis Froeschner, the owners of Healthnet Regional Center of Cuba, Missouri. So, we decided to post the indictment in its entirety here on the FraudBlawg for you to read the allegations for yourselves and draw your own conclusions. We caution, however, that an indictment is merely a statement of unproven allegations; under the United States system of justice the defendants are presumed innocent and are entitled to a trial on the charges by a jury of their peers.

The Froeschner Indictment
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