Jury Says Lousianna Doc Performed Unneccesary Surgeries; Colleagues Say Medicare Got Bill

Dr. Mehmood M. Patel was sentenced to 10 years in prison after a conviction for health care fraud, reports the FBI. The allegations were levied by Patel’s colleague, Dr. Christopher Mallavarapu, who has also filed a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit under the False Claims Act, alleging that Patel fraudulently performed unnecessary surgeries and caused¬†false claims to be submitted to the U.S. by hospitals in Lousianna. According to the FBI, “Testimony from experts in cardiology specialties revealed that the defendant deployed stents, balloons, and radiation in coronary arteries that had little or insignificant disease:

Additionally, the jury heard testimony from dozens of other government witnesses including medical technicians, nurses, and patients who painted the defendant as one who lacked concern for patient care and safety. Many of the nurses and technicians indicated their concerns and made complaints to their supervisors after witnessing unnecessary angioplasty procedures.

The hospitals involved have already paid nearly $6M to settle related allegations. Patel plans to appeal his conviction and remains embroiled in the civil False Claims Act litigation brought by his former colleague, Dr. Mallavarapu.

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