KBR Made False Claims to Money Intended for Troops, Says U.S. Attorney

False Claims Act qui tam whistleblower James R. Brady III has finally convinced DoJ of what many people have been alleging for years: Kellog Brown & Root bilked the taxpayers through false bills under defense contracts in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. FraudBlawg first began reporting KBR’s alleged fraud two years ago. Now, DoJ has announced that it will intervene in Brady’s lawsuit to “pursue the allegation that money that was intended to support the troops was instead used to pay claims that were false,” according to Central District of Illinois U.S. Attorney Jim Lewis. Lewis’ office has requested an additional 60 days to file its Complaint in intervention. If successful, Brady stands to receive as much as 25% of the government’s recovery, which can be as much as three times the damages under the KBR contract plus civil penalties.

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