Kickbacks Land Home Health Aid in Prison

Medical Assistant Guy Ross received “kickbacks from the owners and/or operators of two Detroit-area home health agencies, Patient Choice Home Healthcare Inc. and All American Home Care Inc., in exchange for referring home health patients to those entities,” says DoJ.  Last week a federal judge ordered Ross to serve three years in prison and pay nearly half a million dollars for his role in the conspiracy.   According to DoJ, “Ross admitted to receiving $500 per patient, paid either by check or in cash, in exchange for providing co-conspirator Mohammed Shahab with Medicare beneficiary information for various patients he recruited.” FraudBlawg has previously reported the fraud and the sentences of Ross’ co-conspirators, here.

If you are aware of false claims to Medicare, you may be entitled to as much as 25% or 30% of any recovery. To report kickbacks or other Medicare or Medicaid fraud, contact Frohsin & Barger.