Less Than Half of All Med Schools Offer Training in Medicare/Medicaid Compliance

According to a report issued this month by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services, only 44% of all medical schools offer training or education courses in Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse laws. Of the 44% that did offer such training, little was discovered about the depth or quality of the training or the number of students who actually enrolled in the classes. The report particularly highlights the need for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to receive training and have some working knowledge of the False Claims Act, Stark Law, and the Anti-kickback Act. Accordingly, expect medical schools and nursing schools to respond by incorporating fraud and abuse training into their curriculum. Read the Inspector General’s report in its entirety below:
Medicare and Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Training in Medical Education[scribd id=39837013 key=key-9rhratodkptwv2qeq1n mode=list]
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