Medicare Fraud Arrests in South Florida

According to an article in the Miami Herald, federal authorities have now arrested and charged more than 30 suspects in relation to a Medicare fraud scheme in South Florida. The Department of Justice alleges that the suspects have submitted approximately $205 million in fraudulent claims to Medicare. Nearly 58 other suspects nationwide were also charged with Medicare related fraud as a part of this widespread takedown by the Justice Department.

The Miami-area is generally regarded as “the nation’s epicenter of Medicare corruption.” This reputation has been reinforced with the recent arrests, accounting for one-third of the total. On Thursday October 2nd, Karen Kallen-Zury, chief executive officer of Hollywood Pavilion Psychiatric Hospital, and two other executives, Daisy Miller and Michele Petrie, were arrested on charges of paying thousands of dollars in kickbacks to recruiters and patients. Many of the patients did not require mental health services. However, Kallen-Zury falsified documents to make it appear that the services were legitimate.

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