More Bribery in Iraq -- DoD Contracts in Exchange for Rolex Watches & Thai Spa Trips

U.S. officials in Iraq routinely accepted Rolex watches, airline tickets, meals, hotel stays, spa visits, and cold hard cash from defense contractor Justin Lee, and they rewarded him with multi-million dollar defense contracts — all on the taxpayer’s dime. Lee Dynamics International warehoused weapons and bottled water in the military theatre, and kickbacked portions of its fee to the officials in control of the contracts, according to a recent plea agreement and court documents. Lee faces up to 65 years in prison for his crimes and fines as much as three times the value of the bribes. Whistleblowers who report bribery may be entitled to substantial awards under the False Claims Act or the SEC whistleblower provision under the Dodd-Frank Act, depending upon the circumstances.

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