More Fraud at Bagram Airfield

James Paul Clifton, a former U.S. Army contracting official, was sentenced today to 40 months in prison for accepting more than $80,000 in bribes in exchange for corruptly providing contract work to two Afghan trucking companies, says DoJ. According to Clifton’s plea agreement, AIT, a private trucking company operating at Bagram Airfield, showered Clifton with gifts, including a cell phone and cash payments of $20,000 a month. He also admitted that another trucking company, ATT, paid him $15,000 a month. Both companies wired money to Clifton’s girlfriend back in Virginia in exchange for assignments to provide trucking services to the U.S. in Afghanistan. This is the second guilty plea regarding fraud at Bagram Airfield this week. Read FraudBlawg’s report of the other fraud here.

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