More Home Health Fraud: Executives and Nurses Plead Guilty to Medicare Fraud Conspiracy

Falsifying Medicare documentation and skilled nursing notes has landed healthcare professionals at Dallas-based Alliance Healthcare Services in federal prison, according to a recent DoJ statement. ¬†Alliance CEO Ernest Amadi and George Opurum the CFO pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud. Their respective wives who were also nurses in the home health agency, Edith Amadi and Agatha Opurum, and patient recruiter Ollie Futrell also admitted the conspiracy. ¬†According to the guilty pleas, Alliance billed Medicare for home health services for ineligible patients by charting the patients such that they appeared to be homebound when they were not. Additionally, Alliance employees and owners “falsified time sheets and patient visit logs for services that were not adequately rendered or were never provided at all.”

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