Patient Brokers Indicted for Alleged Roles in Medicare Fraud Scheme

Mayelin Santoyo and Jose Martin Olivares, both Miami-area residents, were indicted for their alleged participation in a $190 million Medicare fraud scheme according to a DOJ press release.  Both were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and to receive illegal health care kickbacks and with receiving illegal kickbacks.

According to the indictment, the owners and operators of American Therapeutic Corporation (ATC) and its management company, Medlink Professional Management Group, Inc. (Medlink) orchestrated the scheme that lasted from February 2006 until October 2010, when the owners were arrested.  ATC, Medlink, and various owners, managers, doctors, therapists, patient brokers, and marketers of each company have pleaded guilty or have been convicted at trial.  For example, Lawrence Duran, owner of ATC, was sentenced to 50 years in prison in September 2011 for his role in orchestrating and executing the scheme t

Santoyo and Olivares are alleged to have provided ineligible patients to ATC in exchange for kickbacks, the amount of which were based on the number of days the each patient stayed at ATC.  Ultimately, millions of dollars in kickbacks were paid in exchange for ineligible patients so that ATC could bill Medicare for medically unnecessary services.

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