Physician Sentenced to 14 Years, Ordered to Pay $9.4M for Medicare Fraud

Dr. Jose Castro-Ramirez will serve a 14-year prison sentence for defrauding the Medicare program by signing physical therapy and occupational therapy prescriptions and other documents, “falsely indicating that he had evaluated the Medicare beneficiaries and certified the need for physical and occupational therapy services,” says DoJ.  According to a jury verdict, Dr. Castro-Ramirez did not see the patients and was aware that they did not need such therapy services.  In fact, Dr. Casto-Ramirez’s co-conspirators paid kickbacks to the Medicare beneficiaries in exchange for the beneficiaries’ Medicare numbers, signatures, and cooperation in the fraudulent scheme that resulted in over $18 million in false billings.  In addition to his prison term and three-year supervised release, Dr. Castro-Ramirez has been ordered to pay  $9.4 million in restitution.  FraudBlawg previously reported the conviction of Castro-Ramirez’ co-conspirator (who pleaded guilty and received a 7-year sentence) here.

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