Saudi and Kuwaiti Companies (with ties to GE & ITT) Paid Bribes for Contracts in Iraq; Non-commissioned Officer Ray Scott Chase Convicted

Tamimi Global Company Ltd., LaNouvelle General Trading & Contracting Corp., and other as yet unnamed companies paid $1.4 million in bribes to secure food contracts at U.S. military dining facilities in Iraq, says a non-commissioned officer who oversaw the procurements. Ray Scott Chase admitted to accepting the bribes before U.S. Magistrate Judge John A. Gorman in the Central District of Illinois. Chase faces a maximum of five years in prison for his part in the crime and will be sentenced on August 6 of this year. Founded by the late Sheikh Ali a Tamimi, Tamimi Global is a Saudi company and joint venturer with U.S. companies General Electric and ITT Federal Services, a division of ITT Corporation. ¬†Whether GE or ITT were aware of the bribes or will be held accountable for their partner’s actions is unknown. This is not Tamimi’s first brush with bribes in Iraq — last year a high-ranking Tamini official was convicted of supplying a KBR official with prostitutes and over $100,000 in cash in exchange for multimillion government sub-contracts. KBR’s unprecedented frauds in Iraq are well-publicized and have been repeatedly reported by FraudBlawg. ¬†LaNouvelle is a Kuwaiti company with no readily apparent ties to U.S. companies.

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