Segregated Westchester County, NY Settles Whistleblower Suit

Overwhelmingly white Westchester County, New York, initially called a whistleblower lawsuit “garbage” and scoffed at allegations that it fraudulently took tens of millions of dollars in federal grant money while hiding its racial segregation (see a map of Westchester’s racial divide) from federal authorities and falsely certifying that it provided affordable housing options in the County. Now, after a court order that held that the allegations were anything but garbage and that the County had “utterly failed” to meet its federal obligations under the grants, the County has agreed to pay the United States more than $60 million, construct affordable housing, and finally begin complying with its desegregation obligations. The Anti-Discrimination Center was the whistleblower in the case and will receive more than $7 million in reward. Read the settlement agreement,here.

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