Sign of the Times: Another Fake HIV Infusion Therapy Clinic Busted, 6 Indicted for $13M Medicare Fraud

Kickbacks paid for Medicare numbers — traded on the street like handshake drugs — and fake HIV clinics where bills go out by the tens of millions and come back paid (no questions asked): this is the face of the new healthcare fraud. Yesterday a federal grand jury in Miami returned an indictment against six defendants: Modesta De La Vega, Rolando Nogueira, Joaquin Vega, Gladis Badia, Jose Nogueira (a/k/a/ Tony Nogueira), and Victoria De La Vega. ¬†Somewhere in a dingy, ubiquitous shopping center in Miami another group of entrepreneurial crooks opens the door on another fake infusion therapy clinic and wanders out into the street to buy some Medicare numbers.

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