Trelleborg AB, Bridgestone, March, Yokohama and Dunlap Settle False Claims Act Allegations

Though not admitting fault, Swedish rubber producer Trelleborg AB and four subsidiaries are paying a combined $15 million to end a federal investigation and resolve a qui tam lawsuit. In 2009, a related criminal investigation resulted in several dozen convictions and $10 million in criminal fines paid by two Trelleborg subsidiaries.

The whistleblower suit alleges that the companies conspired to rig bids and fix prices on marine fenders and plastic pilings used for cushion between ships and docks. These products were sold to the U.S. Navy and other federal departments. According to Courthouse News, the suit also named Frank March (Sevierville, TN) and SHI Inc. and SII Inc. (Virginia). March paid $1 million to resolve the allegations. Whistleblower Douglas Farrow will receive 15-25% of the recovery.

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