U.S. Attorney for Middle District of Alabama Sues USIS Over Alleged False Background Checks

U.S. Attorney George Beck announced today a lawsuit against United States Investigations Services LLC (USIS) in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, alleging false claims for background checks for the United States Office of PRofessional Management (OPM).  According to a DoJ press release, USIS “used a proprietary computer software program to automatically release to OPM background investigations that had not gone through the full review process and thus were not complete,” and thereafter “dump[ed]” the cases to fraudulently inflate its billing to OPM.  According to an article in the Washington Post, USIS is the firm that OPM paid to vet the government’s employment of Edward Snowden, who has since been both glorified and vilified for leaking United Stats secrets and who currently lives in exile in Russia.

“Thorough, appropriate and accurate background checks are essential in the employment of government personnel,” said U.S. Attorney Beck Jr.  “The increase in foreign and domestic terrorism places an increased responsibility on our government to ensure that unsuitable individuals are prohibited from government employment.”

Since his appointment as U.S. Attorney, George Beck, has shown a keen interest in protecting taxpayer dollars through enforcement of the federal False Claims Act.  Earlier this year, Beck announced his office’s first intervention in a qui tam whistleblower suit against home health provider Cahaba Valley Home Health and Techota, LLC.  In his press release, Beck praised whistleblowers and their attorneys for bringing such allegations to light, saying:

“Our office is grateful to the law firm of Frohsin and Barger who represented Ms. McDonald and brought this injustice to our attention,” stated U.S. Attorney Beck. “Our country needs those with knowledge about the fraud and false claims to realize that if they bring these injustices to our attention, we will diligently work to cure the injustice.”

Former employees and other corporate whistleblowers not only provide a great service to their country but also they can reap substantial awards of between 15% and in some instances up to 30% of the total recovery, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.

To report False Claims Act violations, contact Frohisn & Barger.