Despite $50M+ Reward, Pfizer Whistleblower Still Regular Guy

After becoming a millionaire fifty times over and blowing the whistle on the largest Medicare fraud in U.S. history, John Kopchinski unaffectedly told reporters today:  “We’re going to be staying right here in San Antonio in the same house, and my wife tells me when we go to the movies we’re still getting one tub of popcorn — the large tub.”  As FraudBlawg reported yesterday, multiple relators in separate whistleblower lawsuits underlie the record $2.3 billion Medicare settlement against Pfizer for fraudulent off-label marketing of pain-killer and anti-inflammatory drug, Bextra.  Today, Kopchinski commented to reporters according to an MSN Money post:

Taking on corporate giants can feel like tilting at windmills, but John Kopchinski’s six-year legal battle against Pfizer just made him a rich man. The Gulf War veteran and former Pfizer sales representative will earn more than $51.5 million as a result of his whistleblower lawsuit against the world’s biggest drug maker and the record penalty the company must pay the U.S. government for its massive marketing transgressions. The unassuming Texas resident celebrated his windfall by having a family portrait photograph taken Wednesday morning.

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